A Farmer’s Rant

Farm day. Farming is good but it is too much toil. ROI wise, it is not worth the hourly rate. You will only earn decently with farming if you own the land, and you have financial capital for opex and peasants.

No wonder second generation farmers would rather take odd jobs at the malls than till the land of their fathers.

The real long term solution to optimize farming in our country, is land consolidation, mono cropping, and mechanization. Cheaper by the dozen, and improved work efficiency thru division of labor and specialization.

If we have the volume, we have economy of scale and investing on post-harvest processing plants is feasible. This is the way how we can be self-sustaining on food and be able to feed the world.

But what can I do? #Lunti is too young for large scale financing, and #Farmgate is still on the idea stage.

Nevertheless, I believe we get there.

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