Let Feelings Be Your Compass

In early navigation, explorers make use of the earth’s magnetism to get directions. They use a magnetic compass to keep track of their location, as it always point on the magnetic north. Using the magnetic north as reference, travelers can track their movements and avoid getting lost. Same with life – we also need a compass – and thanks to the wonderful and masterful creation that we have the gift of INTUITION. This is our natural guide.

Rationality (reason) is important, but let’s also take our emotions into consideration before doing anything. If you feel bad about something, it’s a no-go sign. Make use of your gut feeling. Remember – if you’re feeling good & guilt-free – you’re on the right track. If you have a hunch of discomfort and bad feelings, abort mission.

In essence, we need to use both reasoning and feelings when doing problem-solving, decisions, making choices, and building relationships. But, in cases where reasoning is limited, use your Intuitive Intelligence.

For a deeper feel of the topic, you may want to check these books:

WARNING: investing on books does not only require money, but also your time to read them!

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