Passive Ventures

What’s your risk appetite?

If you are the sigurista type – hoard gold, and keep your cash in banks. Your deposits are insured for up to P500,000, but you’ll only get like 2% interest per year.

Government bonds and its subsidiaries may give a secured return of up to double-digits per year. But it is often offered seasonal or restrictive.

Blue chip stocks & real estate also promise fair ROIs, but they come with considerate risks. High Yield Investment Programs, sounds too good, but sadly, usually they are just too good to be true.

Investment is a gamble, but with calculated risk-reward considerations.

Perhaps, one investment with highest cost/return ratio is the sweepstakes / lotto. A P20 bet might turn to millions, but considering the chance of winning the jackpot on 6/49 game is 1 of 40,475,358, I’ll bet you will lose.

On second thought, if you have extra resources to invest on, always diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And choose the entities you share a connection with. And perhaps, choose those who give back to the community.

If you fancy agriculture / farmers, one sector that is relatively marginalized, you might want to check the Venture Programs of LUNTI. They are now on their 4th year.

Disclosure: This post is biased as I have vested interests on Lunti

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