Personal Branding

Having various pursuits, It was never easy for me to create a personal brand. Today, I am leveling-up my online visibility, starting with a website and a facebook page.

With reference to the Johari Window model, Personal Branding is showcasing your Open and Hidden Self, while being responsive to feedback.

The Johari Window
The Johari Window

Personal Branding Checklist:

  • Self Identity & Image
    • Personal Brand Name
    • Tag line / slogan
    • Colors / Theme / Tone
  • Mision and Vision
  • Core Values
  • Clarify the Message, Specify Product and/or Service
  • Identify & Capture Audience
  • Communication Channels
    • social media (fb, yt, ig, linkedin, twitter)
    • website / phone / email
    • physical office
    • etc
  • Build and maintain your image

A Personal Brand is your true story + public perception. It is helpful for career advancement, promoting a noble cause, or simply for self-expression and self-actualization.

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