Scaling a Business

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a little unethical to disclose in time of pandemic, but I want to inspire others and to also share opportunities.

The lifeblood of every business is Cash Flow.

After 3 years of working on our brands, we are now beginning to do considerable sales daily. Perhaps, some key factors include:

#1 – Strong IT based marketing. Utilizing e-commerce, we combine advertising, chat bots, and messenger-based sales CRM to organize campaigns and orders. The IT side of our operations is managed by #magnate, our IT SBU.

#2 – Sales Network. We have distributors / resellers / affiliates referring us orders. It helps to get 1% x 100 of others’ effort and add it to your own. Business Duplication is a proven formula to skyrocket sales.

#3 – Manpower + Logistics. We maintain at least 5 full-time staffs to manage customer service and order fulfilment. Daily, we can only pack a few dozen, while another hundred may add on our pending orders. We just keep our momentum.

#4 – Business Relationships / Partners – suppliers, logistics partners. It’s restrictive to move around and go places. Keeping partners happy is key to have special privilege. Just maintain win-win relationship.

#5 – Forward Thinking. We keep on adding more products to sell, enter new industries and partnerships, and innovate what we have. Number is a form of measure, and our immediate goal is to sustain the average weekly sales. Our vision is to create a group of companies that works together to optimize the full value chain of products – from farm to table & shelves, from raw to finished.

And this is where the opportunities come in – join our growth! For reselling / distribution / venturing with us – chat with me on messenger.

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