Science or Faith?

It’s an old debate topic. But you know what’s good about faith that I lean to choose it? It is as is since the beginning, with the central doctrine on faith, hope, love and obedience. To follow what is written and do not go beyond it. Science? It is constantly changing – what’s true now may be false tomorrow.

Just think about the atom, early scientists thought it was the smallest particle possible, and indivisible. Then they discovered that the atom has smaller components – electron, proton, neutron – and for a while they thought it’s the smallest sub-particles there is. Then a little bit more later, there were quarks, leptons, carrier particle bosons, and the 4 fundamental forces, the concept is named the Standard Model and currently the best representation there is of the sub-atomic world. But then again, more theories are coming out – faster than light speeds, time travel, multiple universes, other unseen dimensions, and string theory.

While more theories are waiting for proofs, there were also scientific miracles that are left alone to faith to be understood for decades – like the wave-particle duality of light and quantum entanglement. It is best represented by Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment – the cat is both alive and dead, yet when you look at it, it could only be either alive or dead. Not both alive and dead.

Conclusion: Even advance science is left to faith. Science is yet to reach the level of faith. If string theory is true, we all know who is pulling the strings.

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