The Ultimate End Goal

We have dreams and we work hard to achieve it. We split them into goals, and then into tasks. We plan, execute, and monitor. We fail, we succeed. When we succeed, we set on harder goals, higher target. And the cycle of insatiable human desire goes on. In our deathbeds, our life will flashback on us in slow motion, and we may have wished to live our lives differently. We will think back of our mistakes, and dream on what could have been if we have made better choices. We will realize that it should have been relationships that we have invested much of our time with. Good healthy relationships, strong bonds – may it be in the work place, in the neighborhood, or the family… A dying person will realize the futile extent of his prowess, and will soon understand altogether that there is a Higher Power over us all.

The point is, we live, but not too long, then we die. Our story, will soon be history. We’re just like unnamed soldiers who fell in battle. Good for those who lived well, as they will be remembered – but not for very long unless they are really phenomenal or a vanguard in their respective disciplines. If we compress history, events will appear to happen really very fast, that it might seem it didn’t happen at all. How long is the expected average human lifespan today? 75? 70? 65? 60 years? What date is it now? Can you still vividly remember your first day of school in the first grade? What I’m trying to say is, time flies. All the goals we set, and dreams, should be aligned with the ultimate end that every human being naturally sought for – and that is – not happiness, neither success, nor fulfillment. It is peace. Peace of mind and conscience, inner peace. In the end, what every person’s instinct is to be at peace with oneself. And that’s seeking forgiveness, forgoing regrets, and letting the Higher Power get in charge.

If we compress history, events will appear to happen really veryfast, that it might seem it didn’t happen at all.

The best goal of life, is not to be happy, neither to get rich, nor to be famous or powerful. They are good goals, but in the end – it is still inner peace that we will seek – a guilt-free conscience, a feeling of no regrets, of forgiving, and seeking forgiveness. I gave it some thought, and here are some tips I think might help anyone achieve inner peace:

  • Embrace your reality and trust in the Higher Power, that everything happens for a reason, and for the better. If you’re experiencing adversity – it could either be punishment or a test on your spirit. You can only answer which is which, and you should accept it wholeheartedly.
  • Be appreciative and grateful. Every moment of thankfulness gives a feeling of happiness – as thankfulness is key to being happy. Appreciate even the little things – see value in the air you breathe, the food you take, the family you have. Be thankful of whatever earns you income – your work, career, or maybe your hobby. See the goodness of people around you. Everyone is a moon, see the light side.
  • Breathe deeply. It is a way to feel alive. Savor every moment as every second that passes are lost forever. Live in the now. Let history be history, but use it to improve your future.
  • Avoid destructive criticisms, unkind words stir hate. Stop blaming anyone. Speaking ill of others may make you feel good, but it is rather of no value and a waste of energy.
  • Let go. Move on. Mistakes and failures are part of growing up. Absorb the lesson.
  • Make friends. Be generous with others. Kindness is remembered. What you give, you receive, seventh fold.
  • Forgive – this one is Big, and hard to do, especially if people who trespass against you doesn’t ask for it nor make amends for their mistakes. Hatred steals away our happiness. It is a heavy baggage to carry, and feels like you have dung in your shoes while in a small room with your friends – it your relationships with people around you. Hatred begets more hatred, breeds vengeance, then it consumes your spirit that you get blind to other facts. Perhaps, the best way to forgive, is to believe and trust in the Economics of the Spirit.
  • Trust the Economics of the Spirit – what you sow, you reap. What others sow, they also reap. If others shortchanged you, the universe will find a way to get it back to you. So in essence, if that’s how it works, do you think anyone could ever shortchange you?

Be paranoid. The good times won’t last. Don’t be paranoid. The bad times won’t last. To be or not to be – that is the question. And there’s your answer.

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