Where are we heading?

Gotta love history. It reveals the past for study so we can improve the future. Exponential developments happened with the invention of written language, world wars, discovery of semiconductors, and the cloud and blockchain network.

– stone age
– use of fire
– agriculture
– cuneiform
– copper age
– bronze age
– iron age
– writing / language
– roman empire
– migration peroid
– middle ages
— dark age
— vikings
– renaissance
– age of discovery
– age of pirates
— french revolution
— american revolution
— industrial revolution
– machine age
– oil age
– wars
– jet age
– nuclear age
– digital revolution
– space age
– information age
– multimedia age
– social age
– big data age
– block chains
– age of massive consiousness awakening

Next in line:
– next-generation AI technologies and humanoids
– shift to on-demand learning and brain implants
– fall of education system and religion
– great environmental crisis and sustainable mini-ecosystems
– space living
– one world government
– and perhaps, the most ambitious is consciousness transfer to a bionic surrogate, to attain immortality

hah. i watch too much scifi.

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